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Key Products

Lever Ball Valve FxF V&G Optima

Butterfly Ball Valve FxM V&G Optima

Lever Ball Valve FxM V&G Optima

Butterfly Ball Valve FxF V&G Optima

Who Are We

Zhejiang Valogin Technology Co., LTD founded in 1985, after years of development, we are now a leading manufacturing of brass valves, fittings and distribution manifolds for plumbing, gas and heating systems, for use in residential , industrial and commercial settings. We are committed to provide the world best one-stop solution for water, gas, oil and heating systems. With manufacturing ability from material to spare parts, Valogin has formed a vertical production supply chain which effectively improving the capacity, shortening the delivery time, and trying to gain our presence in the whole world.

120 million in turnover, of which more than 90% comes from international market, 7 buildings covering 64,000 sqm, 1100 employees and 30000 tons of brass processed per year. These are key numbers regarding our company .


The production capacity of Valogin is 30,000 ton per year.


We distribute our products to over 100 countries across 6 continents globally


We hold over 100+ patents coming from our ground breaking work in technology & design.


With an annual turnover of $120,000,000.

R&D Strength

Working together with more than 1000 staffs in our company , Valogin always holds on to the independent innovation strategy , and attaches great importance to R&D investment .

Every year , Valogin invest at least 10% of its margin into R&D activities . We now own a R&D team of more than 70 designers and engineers including more than 15 full-time R&D engineers , and has extensive R&D experience in water , gas , oil , heating systems .

Production Strength

Valogin currently owns one manufacturing base covering 64,000 sqm . Also , with advanced automatic production line introduced from European countries into its production system , we have been exploring the way of replacing the traditional with the intelligent automatic equipment for mass production .

We bring in lean production since 2009 , JIT Production Mode is also introduced to improve the field management level . This high-quality and low-energy production model greatly increases the producing efficiency and guarantees product quality .

Marketing Strength

Up to now, we have sold products to over 100 countries. Many world-famous large enterprises and supermarkets have been served by Valogin, including the global fortune 500 companies.

Our Values

With many years of investment in automation and large-scale production, Valogin has always been the world's leading manufacturer in brass valves and fittings, continuously providing high-quality products and service to global customers.

Valogin always pursues high-quality manufacturing with the core of technology iteration, the goal of product innovation and the means of management promotion.

We believe, only perfect products and service can win continuous orders and satisfaction from our customers.In the future, Valogin will continue our investment in building a globally trusted intelligent factory, maximizing product quality, fulfilling the mission of exceeding customer expectation and achieving employee’s happiness, in order to become a century-old respected enterprise!

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Valogin always holds on to the independent innovation strategy.

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