Item Number : ART.VG-4

Connecting Sleeve: The actuator is equipped with a connecting sleeve of size M30 x 1.5mm, ensuring a secure and proper connection to the relevant heating system components.

Power Wiring: The actuator comes with a power wiring of 1.00m length and two cores, providing the necessary electrical supply for its operation within the heating system.

Color Key Appearance: Opens Red Explanation: The actuator’s color key has a white appearance similar to RAL9016, while the valve position indicator turns red when the valve is in the open position, allowing for easy visual identification.

Protection Class: With an IP54 protection class, the actuator is designed to withstand dust and water ingress, ensuring reliable performance and durability even in challenging environmental conditions.

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Close Kraft: This Actuator exerts a closing force of 90N, enabling precise control and efficient operation of the valve in the heating system.

Total Stroke: The actuator has a total stroke length of 4.0mm, providing accurate and precise positioning of the valve for optimal control and regulation.

S Pannung: Operating at a voltage of 230V and frequency of 50Hz, the actuator is designed to be compatible with standard power supply systems commonly used in heating systems.

Performance: ≤250mA Explanation: The actuator’s performance is rated at Ø2.5W, indicating its energy-efficient operation. It consumes a maximum power of ≤250mA when powered on, optimizing energy usage while maintaining reliable performance.

Protection Level: The Device is classified with a protection level of Ⅱ, meeting specific safety standards for electrical devices, ensuring safe and secure operation within the heating system.

Working Environment Temperature (X): The actuator is designed to operate within a wide temperature range of -10°C to 60°C, making it suitable for various working environments commonly encountered in heating systems.




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