Backplate Elbow FxM

Item Number : VG15.15322N

The Backplate Elbow FxM is an essential component used in water distribution systems. Its primary function is to redirect the flow of water, allowing for changes in direction within the piping network.

Size and Shape:

The size and angle of the elbow fitting determine its compatibility with the existing piping system and the desired flow direction. Whether it is a 90-degree elbow or a different angle.


The Backplate Elbow FxM features male threads, specifically designed to create threaded joints for the installation of piping systems. The threads on the elbow fitting conform to the ISO 228 standard, which is equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

Elbow fittings are designed to withstand standard temperature and pressure ranges commonly encountered in water distribution systems.

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Introducing the Backplate Elbow FxM, the perfect addition to your plumbing system. This high-quality elbow fitting is designed to connect a female fitting to a male fitting securely and efficiently, ensuring a leak-free plumbing system.

Crafted from premium materials, this backplate elbow is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its compact design allows for easy installation even in tight spaces, making it a convenient choice for any plumbing job.

The Backplate Elbow FxM is compatible with a wide range of pipe materials, including copper, brass, and PVC, making it a versatile addition to any plumbing system. Its 90-degree angle design allows for efficient and precise water flow, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications, including residential and commercial plumbing systems.




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