Item Number : VG13.10302

The Bibcock PN16/232PSI is a high-quality plumbing fixture designed to regulate water flow efficiently and reliably.

Size and Shape:

The Bibcock PN16/232PSI is available in a single size: 1/2″-3/4″. This size offers a moderate flow capacity, making it suitable for applications where controlled water flow is required.


Equipped with NPT (National Pipe Thread) threads according to ANSI B1.20.1. The male/male thread configuration allows for straightforward installation, providing a secure and tight seal between plumbing components.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

It can withstand a minimum working temperature of 0℃ (32°F) and a maximum working temperature of +66°C (150.8°F). This wide temperature tolerance allows it to function effectively in both cold and hot water environments.

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The Bibcock PN16/232PSI is a versatile and reliable plumbing fixture designed to control water flow efficiently. It adheres to the high industry standards set by the Standard ASTM A112.18.1-2005/CSA B125.1-05, ensuring its safety and performance. With its male/male threads, the bibcock offers ease of installation and can be easily connected to a variety of plumbing systems. Its aluminum handle provides a sturdy grip, enabling smooth operation when regulating water flow.

Moreover, the bibcock’s body surface treatment with nickel plating enhances its durability, protecting it from corrosion and ensuring its longevity in diverse environments. The working pressure of PN16/232PSI, equivalent to 16 bar or 232 pounds per square inch, allows the bibcock to handle varying water pressure levels effectively, making it suitable for a wide range of plumbing applications. Additionally, the bibcock’s impressive temperature range, from 0℃ to +66°C, enables it to function seamlessly in both cold and hot water applications, further adding to its versatility.

The Bibcock PN16/232PSI comes in a single size, 1/2″-3/4″, providing a moderate flow capacity that meets the needs of applications requiring controlled water flow. Its compact and well-designed shape makes installation hassle-free and ensures a seamless fit into various plumbing setups. Equipped with NPT threads according to ANSI B1.20.1, the bibcock ensures compatibility and secure connections with other plumbing components, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring a reliable performance. The male/male thread configuration further simplifies the installation process and facilitates a tight seal, contributing to the overall efficiency of the plumbing system. This bibcock’s adaptability makes it a suitable choice for both residential and commercial plumbing applications, providing convenience and practicality for a wide range of users.




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