Bibtap with Lockshield

Item Number : VG-21402

The Bibtap with Lockshield is a crucial component in various pipeline systems, including water supply, household drinking water, and heating systems.

Size and Shape:

The Bibtap with Lockshield is manufactured in a compact and standardized size of 1/2 inch. This size ensures compatibility with a wide range of pipeline systems, making it a versatile choice for many applications.


This valve is equipped with a connection thread designed to meet the ISO 228 standard. The ISO 228 thread ensures a secure and reliable connection to the pipeline systems.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

It can effectively function within a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C, making it suitable for both cold and hot water applications. In terms of pressure, it can handle a broad spectrum, ranging from 4 MPa to 90 MPa.

The “Bibtap with Lockshield” is a vital component for regulating the flow in pipeline systems such as water supply, household drinking water, and heating. This versatile shut-off valve is designed for applications where the transported media are non-aggressive to the product’s materials. With a standardized size of 1/2 inch, it offers compatibility with a wide range of systems, making it a reliable choice for both residential and industrial use. Equipped with ISO 228 connection threads, installation and maintenance become hassle-free, ensuring a secure and reliable connection to the pipeline systems.

One of the standout features of the “Bibtap with Lockshield” is its ability to perform under varying environmental conditions. Its operational temperature range spans from -20°C to +60°C, accommodating both cold and hot water applications. Moreover, it can handle a robust pressure range, spanning from 4 MPa to 90 MPa, guaranteeing its reliability and durability in a multitude of system setups. This valve is the ideal choice for ensuring precise flow control in systems where the integrity and longevity of components are paramount, from household drinking water to heating systems.

The Bibtap with Lockshield incorporates a well-engineered and durable construction with various components carefully designed to ensure its reliability and longevity. The body, made of Brass CW617N, serves as the robust outer shell that encases the inner workings. This brass body provides excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, making it a dependable choice for long-term use. The EPDM washer offers a secure seal to prevent leakage, while the stem and seats, crafted from Brass and PTFE, respectively, play pivotal roles in controlling the flow of media. The Brass bonnet and additional PTFE washer further contribute to the overall sealing and integrity of the valve.


MaterialLead,BrassValve TypeBall Valve
BrandMidline ValveWorking mediumWater
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.5 x 0.75 x 0.75 inchesNominal pressure:MOP5
Exterior FinishBrassWorking Temperature:-20 c
Inlet Connection TypeFull portMaterial:Brass
Specification MetCSAThread:Female Thread,apply to GB/T12230 standard




Packaginng Details

Vendor CodeSizeWeightQty per boxQty per packAvailabilityQty per pack
VG-1011011/2"16328 pcs.-in stock50
VG-101333/4"16328 pcs.-in stock50
VG-101331"16328 pcs.-in stock
VG-1013311/4"16328 pcs.-in stock
VG-1013311/2"16328 pcs.-in stock
VG-10133216328 pcs.-in stock
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