Brass TRV Set Angle Type, Anthracite color

Item Number : ART.VG19.32021C-2

This Brass TRV Set Angle Type component is specifically designed for connection with radiators, providing efficient temperature regulation on a room-by-room basis.

Size and Shape:

The component is manufactured with a size of 1/2″, which refers to its diameter. This size has been chosen to ensure compatibility and seamless integration within various heating system configurations.


The threads of this heating system component conform to the ISO 228 standard, which is equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228. These standardized threads play a crucial role in establishing a secure and reliable connection between the component and other parts of the heating system.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The component operates within a specific temperature range of 6℃ to 28℃, providing efficient heating performance across various climate conditions. It can handle a maximum flow temperature of 120℃. The component is designed to operate under a maximum working pressure of 10bar,

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This Brass TRV Set Angle component is designed to be connected with radiators, allowing for precise temperature regulation on a room-by-room basis. Its main purpose is to maintain a constant desired temperature throughout the building while reducing energy consumption. Manufactured in accordance with EN215 standards, this component ensures reliability and high performance. With a size of 1/2″, it is compatible with various heating systems, promoting efficient heat transfer and optimal comfort.

The intrinsic reliability of the ISO 228 threads ushers in a realm of unwavering connectivity, weaving a tapestry of assurance where installation and replacement become intuitive endeavors. This steadfast threading, beyond its functional brilliance, serves as a sentinel against the specter of leaks or pressure loss, casting them into the shadows of irrelevance. Within this realm of connectivity and security, the Brass TRV Set Angle steps forth as a protagonist, primed to shape the contours of indoor climate management.

Operating within the embrace of a temperature spectrum stretching gracefully from 6℃ to 28℃, the Brass TRV Set Angle stands as an exemplar of adaptability, effortlessly harmonizing with diverse climate conditions. As challenges mount, its resilience becomes more apparent, standing firm against a tempestuous flow temperature that peaks at 120℃, yet remaining steadfast in its operational capacity at 110℃. This unyielding performance is further bolstered by a maximum working pressure of 10bar, a testament to its fortitude under normal conditions. The tapestry of efficiency extends to fluid dynamics, with a maximum pressure difference of 1bar, providing a gateway to refined flow control, where the currents of energy glide with grace.




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