Item Number : VG10.90581-2

The Brazil gas valve MOP5 is a specialized valve designed for gas applications, meeting the requirements of the EN331 Standard.

Size and Shape:

The Brazil gas valve MOP5 features a compact size of 1/2″, making it an ideal choice for gas system installations with limited space. Its design ensures easy integration into gas pipelines without adding unnecessary bulk, providing a streamlined appearance.


The Brazil gas valve MOP5 offers two types of standardized threads, ISO 228 and ISO7/1 Rp parallel, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of gas system components. These threads facilitate easy installation and allow for interchangeability, simplifying maintenance and replacement processes.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

Designed for gas applications, the Brazil gas valve MOP5 can handle temperatures ranging up to +120°C, making it suitable for diverse gas systems where higher temperatures may be encountered during operation. The valve’s working pressure capacity, spanning from 0 to 5 bar.

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The Brazil gas valve MOP5 is a specialized and reliable component designed specifically for gas applications, adhering to the EN331 Standard. It falls under the heavy series category, ensuring its durability and robustness in regulating gas flow. Featuring both female and male threads, this valve offers flexibility and ease of installation, making it compatible with various gas system configurations. The inclusion of an aluminum handle enhances user convenience, allowing smooth and precise adjustments to manage gas flow effectively. Moreover, the nickel-plated body surface treatment provides added corrosion resistance, ensuring a prolonged service life even in challenging environments. With a working pressure capacity ranging from 0 to 5 bar and a temperature tolerance of up to +120°C, the Brazil gas valve MOP5 is well-equipped to handle a diverse range of gas applications, providing reliable performance and safety.

Measuring 1/2″ in size, the Brazil gas valve MOP5’s compact design makes it a practical choice for installations with limited space, maintaining a streamlined appearance in gas pipelines. Its heavy series construction enhances its reliability, making it suitable for industrial and commercial gas systems that demand consistent performance. The combination of ISO 228 and ISO7/1 Rp parallel standardized threads ensures easy installation and interchangeability, simplifying maintenance and replacement procedures. These threads align with international standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of gas system components. Designed to withstand temperatures up to +120°C, the valve proves its efficiency in diverse gas applications where higher temperatures may occur. Its working pressure range of 0 to 5 bar ensures precise gas flow regulation, making it a dependable choice for gas systems in various settings, be it industrial or residential.




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