Item Number : VG10.90501-2

Brazil Flat Nozzle gas valve MOP5, a precision-engineered component designed for gas applications, manufactured with uncompromising quality and in compliance with the EN331 Standard.

Size and Shape:

The Brazil gas valve MOP5’s compact size of 1/2″ and efficient design make it a practical and versatile choice for various gas system setups. Its streamlined appearance allows for easy integration into gas pipelines without occupying excessive space.


The Brazil gas valve MOP5 is equipped with male threads, ensuring secure and reliable connections to compatible fittings and pipes, promoting leak-free operations. These standardized threads conform to international standards, equivalent to ISO 228, DIN EN ISO 228, BS EN ISO 228, ISO7/1 Rp parallel.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

Designed for gas applications, the Brazil gas valve MOP5 can withstand temperatures ranging up to +120°C, making it suitable for various gas systems where higher temperatures may be encountered during operation. Its working pressure range of 0 to 5 bar.

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Valogin introduces the Brazil Flat Nozzle gas valve MOP5, a meticulously crafted component designed to regulate gas flow with efficiency and reliability. Adhering to the EN331 Standard, this valve is engineered to meet stringent quality requirements for gas applications. Its compact size of 1/2″ allows for easy integration into gas pipelines with limited space, maintaining a streamlined appearance. Featuring male threads, the valve ensures secure connections, reducing the risk of leaks and enabling straightforward installation while maintaining compatibility with a wide range of gas system components. The aluminum handle provides a comfortable grip and facilitates smooth gas flow adjustments, enhancing user convenience. With a nickel-plated body surface treatment, the valve boasts improved corrosion resistance, promising a longer service life even in harsh gas environments. Its working pressure range of 0 to 5 bar and temperature tolerance of up to +60°C demonstrate the valve’s capability to handle various gas conditions, making it a reliable choice for precise gas flow regulation in both industrial and residential settings.

The Brazil Flat Nozzle gas valve MOP5’s design combines functionality and practicality, making it a versatile solution for gas flow regulation. Its streamlined appearance and male threads contribute to a simplified installation process and allow for secure connections. The standardized threads ensure interchangeability with various gas fittings and pipes, enhancing its usability and facilitating maintenance procedures. The aluminum handle complements the valve’s user-friendly design, providing ease of operation for smooth gas flow adjustments. The nickel-plated body surface treatment offers enhanced protection against corrosion, prolonging the valve’s lifespan and ensuring consistent performance even in challenging gas environments. With its capabilities to handle temperatures up to +120°C and working pressure from 0 to 5 bar, the Brazil gas valve MOP5 stands as a dependable choice, meeting safety standards and providing reliable gas flow regulation in diverse gas systems, contributing to efficient gas distribution in industrial and residential applications.




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