Cap Male

Item Number : VG15.16392N

Cap Male Fitting is a vital component used in water distribution systems to redirect the flow of water and provide a seal at the end of a pipe. It is commonly employed when changing the direction of water or closing off a pipe section.

Size and Shape:

Cap fittings are available in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters. The shape of the fitting is typically cylindrical, featuring a male threaded end. This shape allows for easy connection to a corresponding female threaded pipe or fitting.


The Cap Male Fitting is designed with male threads. The threads on the Cap Male Fitting adhere to the ISO 228 standard, which is equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

Cap fittings are typically designed to withstand standard temperature and pressure ranges commonly encountered in plumbing applications.

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The Cap Male Fitting takes on a pivotal role within water distribution systems, operating as both a conductor and a sentinel. Primarily, it assumes the task of redirecting water flow and securing the terminus of a pipe. This versatile component finds its niche when a change in water direction is needed or when sealing off a pipe section becomes imperative. The fitting’s significance lies not only in its utility but in its ability to foster fluid control within plumbing networks. A dance of dimensions and contours characterizes the Cap Male Fitting’s adaptability. Various sizes cater to the diversity of pipe diameters, allowing a seamless embrace into a myriad of plumbing configurations. The fitting dons the form of a cylindrical structure, culminating in a male threaded end. This shape facilitates effortless union with corresponding female threaded pipes or fittings, forming a unified passage for water to traverse.

Threads, the silent architects of connection, assume a central role within the Cap Male Fitting’s design. Crafted with male threads adhering to the ISO 228 standard, synonymous with DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228, these threads become the linchpin of compatibility. Through these threads, the fitting stands as an eloquent testament to the universal language of plumbing connection, bridging the gap between components seamlessly. With resilience honed through design, Cap fittings confidently embrace the ordinary rigors of temperature and pressure commonly encountered in plumbing domains. These fittings become the quiet sentinels of stability, their endurance ensuring that the delicate balance of water distribution remains uncompromised within the realms of standard operating conditions.




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