Item Number : ART.VG10.16842

The Compression End Isolating Valve described here is specifically designed to meet UK regulations and is well-suited for plumbing systems.

Size and Shape:

With a size of 15MM, this isolating valve is of a commonly used dimension in plumbing systems. It features a compression end connection, enabling a secure and leak-free joint with other plumbing components or pipework.


The Compression End Isolating Valve does not require threading due to its compression end connection. This connection type eliminates the need for additional tools and simplifies installation. The compression end provides a tight seal, preventing any potential leaks.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

with a minimum working temperature of -20℃ and a maximum working temperature of 60℃. This versatility enables its use in various environmental conditions without compromising its performance. This means it can handle water pressure up to 10 times atmospheric pressure.

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The Compression End Isolating Valve described here is specifically designed to comply with UK regulations and is a reliable choice for plumbing systems. With a size of 15MM, it is a commonly used dimension that fits well within plumbing setups. The valve’s compression end connection ensures a secure and leak-free joint, simplifying the installation process. Its body, made of nickel-plated brass, adds durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring the valve’s long-lasting performance.

In terms of functionality, the valve operates within a wide temperature range, from -20℃ to 60℃, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. It can handle a maximum working pressure of 10 bar, providing reliable control over water flow. The absence of threads simplifies the installation process, and the compression end connection ensures a tight seal without the need for additional tools.

Overall, the Compression End Isolating Valve offers a reliable solution for plumbing systems in compliance with UK regulations. Its size, shape, and compression end connection make it easy to install securely. With its nickel-plated brass body, it provides durability and corrosion resistance. The valve’s wide temperature and pressure ranges further enhance its versatility, allowing it to perform effectively in different environments and provide reliable control over water flow in plumbing applications.




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