Fitting FxM

Item Number : VG15.22071N

The FxM fitting is an essential component used in plumbing systems for the distribution and redirection of water. Its primary function is to change the direction of water flow.

 Size and Shape:

The FxM fitting comes in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various installation requirements and pipe dimensions. The specific size and shape of the fitting depend on the intended application and the specifications of the plumbing system.


The FxM fitting is designed with male threads on one end and female threads on the other. These threaded joints enable easy installation and connection to other components within the piping system. The male threads of the fitting conform to the -G standard.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

Manufacturers typically provide guidelines and specifications regarding the recommended temperature and pressure range for the fitting. Adhering to these guidelines ensures the fitting’s durability and reliable performance within the plumbing system.

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In the intricate tapestry of plumbing systems, the FxM fitting emerges as a ubiquitous yet indispensable protagonist, orchestrating the symphony of water with unparalleled finesse. Its role transcends the mundane, as it stands at the crossroads of distribution and direction, guiding the aqueous currents with the precision of a seasoned conductor. Designed to harmonize seamlessly with threaded joints, the FxM fitting becomes the linchpin that transforms the chaotic array of pipes into a choreographed dance of fluidity. Its ease of installation within diverse piping systems becomes a testament to its adaptability, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into a myriad of plumbing environments. This fitting is the embodiment of form meeting function – its presence ensures that the flow of water remains unhindered, unhurried, and effortlessly controlled.

Forged from the robust embrace of CW617N, this fitting encapsulates the very essence of endurance. Its material composition, revered for its exceptional durability and resilience against corrosion, makes it a stalwart guardian of plumbing systems. This longevity ensures that its performance remains unwavering, even when faced with the relentless challenges posed by time and the elements.

An elemental aspect of the FxM fitting lies within its threads, a testament to its compatibility with the wider plumbing landscape. In adhering to the ISO 228 standard, which resonates with DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228, this fitting positions itself as a universal translator of connectivity. Its male thread configuration, denoted by the emblematic “-G,” is the embodiment of secure connections, forming a cohesive link between various components within the plumbing ecosystem. The FxM fitting’s availability in an array of sizes mirrors its commitment to individualized integration. Its form must harmonize with the flow rate and dimensions of pipes, a delicate ballet that marries hydraulic dynamics with pragmatic considerations. The choice of size becomes a crescendo in the symphony of installation, where precision ensures optimal performance.




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