Hose Nipple FxF (Gulf)

Item Number : VG.213101

Hose Nipple FxF Fittings are crucial components used in water distribution systems to change the direction of water flow. They play a significant role in plumbing installations, facilitating efficient water distribution and control.

Size and Shape:

Hose Nipple FxF Fittings come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different hose and pipe diameters. The size of the fitting is determined by the outer diameter of the female thread and the inner diameter of the male thread.


Threaded joints are a crucial aspect of Hose Nipple FxF Fittings. These fittings adhere to the ISO 228 standard, which is equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The fittings are designed to operate within a specific temperature and pressure range, which may vary depending on the manufacturer and the materials used in the hoses and pipes.

MaterialLead,BrassValve TypeHose Nipple FxF
BrandMidline ValveWorking mediumWater
Item Dimensions LxWxHMediumNominal pressure:MOP5
Exterior FinishBrassWorking Temperature:-20 c
Inlet Connection TypeFull portMaterial:Brass
Specification MetCSAThread:Male, Thread,apply to GB/T12230 standard
Specification:DN15/20/25/32/40/50/65/80HandleNo Handle