Lockable Brass Gate Valve

Item Number : VG11.01056

The Brass Lockable Gate Valve by V&G is a reliable and durable valve suitable for installation in distribution networks for drinking water and piping water systems. It is designed to connect with a water meter and is suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Size and Shape:

This valve is available in three sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″. It features a full-bore design that ensures a smooth flow of water.


The valve has female threads, which conform to industry standards for easy installation and compatibility with various piping systems. The threads are designed to provide a secure and leak-free connection.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The working pressure of this valve is PN16, which makes it suitable for high-pressure applications. It can withstand pressures up to 16 bar. The valve has a temperature range of 0°C to 85°C

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The body of the Brass Lockable gate valve is made from durable brass material, ensuring that it can withstand even the toughest water conditions without corroding or deteriorating over time. Additionally, the lockable lever handle ensures that the valve remains secure and tamper-proof, providing you with peace of mind that your plumbing system is secure.

With a working pressure of PN16, this valve is guaranteed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance. The thread type of this valve is ISO 228 (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228). It is making it easy to install in your existing plumbing system.

Upgrade your plumbing system with our Brass Lockable Gate Valve, and experience the benefits of high-quality and reliable performance. With its durable construction and secure locking mechanism. You can trust that this valve will provide the longevity and functionality that you need.





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