Item Number : VG16.30502

The Mexico Stop Valve PN16/232PSI is a highly reliable and versatile valve designed to regulate fluid flow in various applications.

Size and Shape:

The Mexico Stop Valve PN16/232PSI is designed with practicality and versatility in mind. Its size options from 1/2″ to 2″ allow for easy integration into various pipelines, catering to different flow demands. The valve’s shape is that of a typical stop valve, which enables precise flow regulation and easy handling.


Equipped with 1″ threads, the Mexico Stop Valve PN16/232PSI ensures straightforward installation and secure connections. The valve’s threading adheres to industry standards, ensuring leak-resistant seals and reliable flow control.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The Mexico Stop Valve PN16/232PSI demonstrates impressive adaptability within a temperature range of 0℃ to +66°C. With a working pressure rating of PN16/232PSI, equivalent to 232 psi.

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The Mexico Stop Valve PN16/232PSI is a highly reliable and adaptable valve designed to effectively control fluid flow across diverse applications. It conforms to the industry-standard ASTM A112.18.1-2005/CSA B125.1-05, ensuring exceptional performance and consistent results. With size options ranging from 1/2″ to 2″, this valve offers versatility to fit various pipe dimensions and accommodate different flow requirements. Its brass nature color surface treatment enhances its durability and resistance to corrosion, making it a long-lasting solution. The valve operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0℃ to +66°C, allowing it to handle both hot and cold fluid applications across various industrial processes and plumbing scenarios. With a working pressure of PN16/232PSI, equivalent to 232 psi, the Mexico Stop Valve can reliably manage medium-pressure situations, ensuring smooth and safe fluid regulation in different environmental conditions.

The Stop Valve PN16/232PSI combines practicality and convenience in its design. Its compact and robust structure facilitates easy integration into pipelines, minimizing pressure loss and optimizing flow control for efficient performance. The valve’s traditional stop valve shape enables precise flow regulation, providing ease of handling and operation. Equipped with 1″ threads that adhere to industry standards, the valve ensures straightforward installation and leak-resistant seals, ensuring reliable and secure connections. Its compatibility with corresponding fittings further simplifies the installation process in various plumbing and industrial systems. Overall, the Mexico Stop Valve PN16/232PSI offers engineers and plumbers a dependable and efficient solution for fluid regulation, delivering reliable performance and long-term reliability across a diverse range of applications and environments.




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