Item Number : ART. VG-A10172-2

These full certified IPS ball valves are specifically designed to meet the North American regulations and are highly suitable for various applications such as plumbing, irrigation, oil, gas, and more.

Size and Shape:

The IPS ball valves are available in a size range starting from 1/4″ and going up to 2″. This comprehensive size range caters to diverse system requirements, accommodating various pipe diameters.


These ball valves feature female NPT (National Pipe Thread) threads. NPT threads conform to the ASME B1.20.1 standard, which ensures proper sealing and connection between the valve and the corresponding pipes.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The full certified IPS ball valves are designed to withstand demanding conditions in terms of temperature and pressure. With a working pressure rating of 600 psi, these valves offer robust performance even in high-pressure systems.

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These full certified IPS ball valves are expertly designed to comply with North American regulations, making them an ideal choice for a range of applications including plumbing, irrigation, oil, and gas systems. They are meticulously crafted to meet USA standards, ensuring their reliability and performance. With a size range from 1/4″ to 2″, these valves can accommodate various pipe diameters, providing versatility for different system requirements. Made from lead-free brass, they prioritize safety and environmental sustainability.

The ball valves feature female NPT threads that conform to the ASME B1.20.1 standard, ensuring secure and leak-free connections with compatible pipes. Their 2-piece design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making them convenient for system integration. Equipped with a 1/4 turn iron lever handle, these valves enable swift and effortless control of the opening and closing operations. They have undergone rigorous testing and are certified by CSA, NSF61, NSF372, cUPC, FM, and UL, guaranteeing their compliance with industry standards.

With a working pressure rating of 600 psi, these ball valves can withstand demanding conditions and effectively regulate flow even in high-pressure systems. Although specific temperature ranges are not mentioned, they are typically engineered to handle a wide range of temperatures, ensuring their suitability for various environments. These full certified IPS ball valves offer reliable and efficient performance, making them indispensable components for controlling fluid flow in plumbing, irrigation, and other related systems.




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