Item Number : ART. VG-E79351-S

Multi-Turn Angle valves are a reliable and compliant solution for plumbing systems in North America, designed according to USA standards.

Size and Shape:

The Multi-Turn Angle valves come in a convenient size range of 5/8″ OD COM X 3/8″ COM. This sizing ensures compatibility with standard plumbing connections, making installation hassle-free. The valves are designed with a compact and practical shape, enabling easy integration into plumbing systems while optimizing available space.


The valves feature high-quality threads that facilitate secure and leak-free connections. With precise threading, these valves provide a tight seal when connected to the appropriate plumbing fittings. The reliable threading ensures the valves can be effectively tightened or loosened as needed, allowing for smooth operation and maintenance.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The Multi-Turn Angle valves are engineered to withstand varying temperature and pressure conditions commonly encountered in plumbing systems. These valves can effectively handle both hot and cold water, making them suitable for diverse applications.

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Multi-Turn Angle valves are meticulously designed to comply with North American regulations and are a perfect fit for plumbing applications. Crafted under USA standards, these valves are specifically engineered to efficiently control the flow of hot or cold water within supply lines. Made from lead-free brass and equipped with a plastic stem, these valves prioritize safety and durability. Their compliance with certifications such as cUPC, NSF61, and NSF372 guarantees their high quality and suitability for plumbing systems. The Multi-Turn Angle valves feature a practical size range of 5/8″ OD COM X 3/8″ COM, ensuring compatibility with standard plumbing connections.

With their compact shape, they can be easily integrated into plumbing systems, optimizing available space. The valves are equipped with reliable threads, providing a secure and leak-free connection when attached to plumbing fittings. This ensures a tight seal and allows for smooth operation and maintenance. Additionally, these valves have been rigorously tested and certified to handle a working pressure of 125psi, making them capable of withstanding the demands of residential and commercial plumbing systems. Their ability to handle both hot and cold water, along with their compliance with temperature and water quality regulations, further enhances their versatility and reliability.

In summary, the Multi-Turn Angle valves offer a dependable and compliant solution for plumbing needs. With their adherence to North American regulations, lead-free brass construction, and plastic stem, they prioritize safety and durability. Their compact size, reliable threading, and compatibility with standard plumbing connections make them easy to install and integrate into various systems.




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