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Multi-Turn Angle valves are reliable and compliant plumbing components designed to meet North American regulations.

Size and Shape:

Multi-Turn Angle valves are available in a specific size range of 1/2″ SWT (Sweat) X 3/8″ COM (Compression). This size specification allows for easy integration with standard plumbing fittings and pipes. The compact and versatile shape of these valves enables convenient installation, even in tight spaces.


Multi-Turn Angle valves feature both Sweat (SWT) and Compression (COM) threads. The 1/2″ SWT thread is compatible with sweat soldering connections, allowing for a secure and leak-proof joint with copper pipes. The 3/8″ COM thread is designed for compression connections.

Pressure Ranges:

Multi-Turn Angle valves are engineered to withstand a working pressure of up to 125psi. This pressure capacity makes them suitable for a wide range of plumbing applications where controlling the flow of hot or cold water is necessary.

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Multi-Turn Angle valves are compliant with North American regulations, making them an ideal choice for plumbing applications. Designed under USA standards, these valves provide a reliable solution for opening or shutting off the flow of hot or cold water to supply lines. With their lead-free brass construction, including a brass stem, Multi-Turn Angle valves prioritize health and regulatory compliance. The valves are certified by cUPC, NSF61, and NSF372, ensuring their quality and suitability for plumbing systems. The inclusion of a Multi-Turn Zinc handwheel allows for precise control over water flow, enabling smooth operation and convenience. Additionally, these valves can withstand a working pressure of up to 125psi, making them reliable components that contribute to the efficiency and safety of plumbing systems.

Multi-Turn Angle valves come in a specific size range of 1/2″ SWT (Sweat) X 3/8″ COM (Compression). This standardized size allows for easy integration with standard plumbing fittings and pipes, facilitating a seamless installation process. The compact shape of the valves ensures they can be conveniently installed, even in tight spaces. Their streamlined design optimizes flow control while minimizing pressure drop, ensuring efficient performance within the plumbing system. The combination of Sweat (SWT) and Compression (COM) threads further enhances their versatility, allowing for compatibility with different connection methods and pipe materials. The SWT thread is suitable for secure sweat soldering connections with copper pipes, while the COM thread is designed for reliable compression connections to various types of supply lines. This flexibility in threading options ensures Multi-Turn Angle valves can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of plumbing setups, accommodating different installation requirements.




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