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Pex washing machine valves are essential components that comply with North American regulations, ensuring their suitability for plumbing and water systems.

Size and Shape:

The Pex washing machine valves are available in a 1/2″ size, which is a commonly used size in residential plumbing systems. This standard size ensures compatibility with various piping configurations and fittings, making installation and integration into the plumbing system easier.


The outlet of these valves features a 3/4″ Male Hose Thread (MHT). This standard threading allows for easy attachment of hoses or other plumbing fixtures using a compatible female hose connection.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The Pex washing machine valves are designed to handle the temperature and pressure requirements commonly found in residential water systems. With a working pressure rating of 125 PSI (pounds per square inch).

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Pex washing machine valves are designed to meet North American regulations and are a reliable choice for plumbing and water systems. These valves are essential for controlling the flow of hot or cold water to washing machines, ensuring efficient operation and water supply. Approved with the CSA B125.1 standard and CSA certification, they adhere to industry requirements, providing assurance of their quality and compliance. With a size range of 1/2″, these valves offer compatibility with various plumbing configurations and fittings commonly found in residential setups. Their compact design allows for easy installation and integration into plumbing systems without causing obstructions. The valves feature an inlet with a 1/2″ PEX connection, a flexible and durable material commonly used in plumbing. This connection ensures a secure and leak-free joint with the water supply lines, minimizing the risk of water damage or leaks.

The outlet is equipped with a 3/4″ Male Hose Thread (MHT), allowing for convenient attachment of hoses or other plumbing fixtures. The 3/4″ MHT outlet size facilitates efficient water flow and provides versatility for connecting additional accessories or extensions to the washing machine. With a quarter turn T-handle design, these valves offer easy and quick operation, allowing for efficient shut-off of water flow. They can withstand a working pressure of 125 PSI, which is typically found in residential water systems, ensuring reliable performance and preventing leaks. These Pex washing machine valves are suitable for both hot and cold water applications, allowing for proper control of temperature and preventing any damage to the valve or the connected plumbing system. The chrome plating not only adds an appealing appearance but also enhances the valves’ durability and corrosion resistance. It protects the valves from the corrosive effects of water, ensuring a long lifespan and making them an ideal choice for long-term use in plumbing systems.




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