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Steam radiator valves are essential plumbing fittings that comply with strict North American regulations, ensuring their safety and reliability for use in steam and heating systems.

Size and Shape:

The steam radiator valves come in a versatile size range, offering options from 1/2″ to 2″. This diverse selection caters to different piping requirements and ensures their compatibility with various steam and heating systems.


These steam radiator valves are equipped with standard threads, which facilitate secure and leak-free connections with other plumbing components. The standardized threading system ensures easy installation and replacement, enabling efficient and reliable performance in controlling steam and heating flow.

Temperature and Pressure:

Steam radiator valves are engineered to withstand working pressures of up to 15WSP (Water Steam Pressure), making them robust and dependable for managing the pressures typically encountered in steam and heating systems.

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Steam radiator valves are essential components that adhere to North American regulations, ensuring their safe and reliable use in steam and heating systems. Serving as in-line valves, they play a crucial role in controlling the opening and closing functions within related systems. Their size range from 1/2″ to 2″ offers versatility, accommodating various piping requirements in both residential and commercial settings. The well-designed shape and multi-turn ABS handle enhance user convenience, providing smooth and precise control over the valves’ operation. By featuring standard threads, these valves enable secure connections with other plumbing components, ensuring leak-free performance and ease of installation. With a working pressure capacity of 15WSP, these robust valves can effectively manage the pressures commonly encountered in steam and heating systems, offering durability and efficiency. Additionally, their ability to withstand varying temperatures ensures reliable performance even under extreme heat conditions, contributing to the overall effectiveness and safety of the steam and heating systems they are employed in.

In summary, steam radiator valves stand as compliant and dependable solutions for steam and heating systems. Their design, size range, and pressure capacity make them adaptable to diverse applications, while their threaded connections and multi-turn ABS handle facilitate ease of use and installation. These valves’ reliability, adherence to regulations, and efficient control capabilities make them integral components in maintaining optimal temperature control and smooth operation within steam and heating systems.




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