Item Number : ART.VG15.63121

The PEX fitting PN10 is a versatile and reliable brass fitting designed specifically for water and heating systems.


The PEX fitting PN10 utilizes standard threads, specifically designed to facilitate secure connections between the fitting and PEX pipes. The threads are precisely machined to ensure a tight and leak-free joint, preventing any water or heat loss. This standardized threading system simplifies installation and enables compatibility with a wide range of plumbing and heating components.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The PEX fitting PN10 is engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressures, making it suitable for both hot and cold water systems as well as heating applications. It can effectively operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F), allowing it to handle extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. The fitting is designed to maintain its structural integrity and sealing capabilities within this temperature range.

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The PEX fitting PN10 is a brass fitting designed for water and heating systems. Its durable construction and brass color make it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. With a size of 1 inch, it can easily connect PEX pipes, ensuring efficient water flow and reliable heating operation. The fitting features standard threads that enable secure connections, preventing any leakage or loss of water and heat. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to 100°C, allowing it to perform well in various weather conditions. Additionally, the PEX fitting PN10 has a maximum working pressure of PN10, meaning it can handle pressures up to 10 bar or 145 psi without compromising its performance. Overall, this fitting provides a reliable and versatile solution for plumbing and heating systems.

The PEX fitting PN10 offers convenience and durability for water and heating systems. Its compact and robust design makes it easy to install, even in tight spaces. The brass construction not only ensures strength but also provides resistance against corrosion, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. With its standard threads, the fitting enables seamless connections with PEX pipes, eliminating the risk of leaks and optimizing the efficiency of the system. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to 100°C, making it suitable for various climate conditions. Furthermore, its maximum working pressure of PN10 allows it to handle high pressures without compromising its integrity. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, the PEX fitting PN10 proves to be a reliable choice for efficient water flow and heating in plumbing systems.




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