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Plug kits are essential heating accessories that provide convenience and versatility in various heating systems. These plug kits come in different sizes and thread types to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

The plug kits are available in two common sizes: 3/8″ and 1/2″. These sizes refer to the diameter of the pipes or fittings that the plugs are designed to fit into. By selecting the appropriate size plug kit, users can ensure a proper and secure fit, preventing any leaks or disruptions in the heating system.

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In terms of thread type, the plug kits adhere to the ISO 228 standard, which is equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228. This internationally recognized standard governs the specifications for the threads on the plugs. By conforming to this standard, the plug kits can be reliably connected to other components within the heating system that also adhere to the same thread type.

The ISO 228 standardization ensures compatibility with corresponding fittings and connections used in heating systems. This standardized thread type simplifies the installation process and allows for easy interchangeability of components. Whether replacing a plug or adding a new one, the plug kits with ISO 228 threads can be seamlessly integrated into the system, reducing the risk of errors or compatibility issues.

By utilizing the correct size and adhering to the ISO 228 thread type, the plug kits provide a reliable and efficient solution for sealing and closing off openings in the heating system. They help maintain system integrity, prevent leaks, and optimize the system’s overall performance.




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