Press-fit Service Valve

Item Number : VG10.60292

The Pressfit Service Valve is an essential component for any drinking water distribution network and piping water system.

Size and Shape:

The Pressfit Service Valve has a size of STR 15MM X 3/4″. It includes an O-ring that creates a secure seal between the ball and valve body to prevent leaks. The ball valve allows for control of the media flow, while the smooth turnbuckle attached to the valve stem enables easy manual operation with a comfortable grip.


The Pressfit Service Valve features M profile connections, making it easy to connect to your plumbing system quickly and securely. The valve is designed to provide a tight seal that will prevent leaks and ensure the smooth flow of water.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The Pressfit Service Valve is designed to withstand high pressures up to PN16, making it suitable for use in high-pressure water systems. It can also handle a wide range of temperatures, with a maximum working temperature range of -20°C to +85°C.

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The Press-fit Service Valve plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and uninterrupted water flow in both residential and commercial plumbing systems. Its robust brass construction makes it sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding the regular use and challenging conditions that it may encounter. The valve’s M profile connections make it easy to connect to plumbing systems. The Pressit service ball valve you have consists of several important components that ensure its functionality and reliability. The valve utilizes an O-ring, which is a flexible sealing ring typically made of elastomer material. The O-ring is strategically placed within the valve to create a secure seal between the ball and the valve body. This seal prevents any leakage and ensures effective flow control. , providing a secure and tight seal that prevents leaks and allows for a smooth flow of water.

With the ability to withstand high pressures up to PN16 and operate within a broad temperature range of -20°C to +85°C, the Press-fit Service Valve is versatile and adaptable to various environmental conditions, making it an ideal choice for different applications. Overall, the Press fit Service Valve is an essential and reliable component for any plumbing system that ensures the efficient and uninterrupted flow of water. It’s important to note that the Pressfit Service Valve described is designed and manufactured in compliance with UK regulations, and is therefore suitable for installation and use within the UK.




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