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The South America Bibcock PN16/232PSI is a high-quality plumbing fixture designed to regulate the flow of water in various applications.

Size and Shape:

1/2″-3/4″: This size is suitable for applications where a moderate flow of water is required, and it can connect to pipes with 1/2″ male threads on one end and 3/4″ male threads on the other.


The bibcock is equipped with NPT (National Pipe Thread) threads according to ANSI B1.20.1 standards. The male/male thread configuration allows for easy connection to other plumbing components, providing a secure and tight seal.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The bibcock can handle hot water and ambient temperatures up to 66°C. The bibcock is rated to handle a working pressure of up to 16 bar or 232 pounds per square inch (PSI).

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The South America Bibcock PN16/232PSI is a plumbing fixture designed to control water flow, adhering to the Standard ASTM A112.18.1-2005/CSA B125.1-05 for safety and quality assurance. With male/male threads and an iron handle, it ensures ease of operation and connection to various plumbing setups. The bibcock’s nickel-plated body surface treatment enhances its durability and protects against corrosion.

South America Bibcock Available in sizes of 1/2″-3/4″, 3/4″-1″, and 1″-1/4″, it caters to different flow capacities and applications. Its NPT threads, according to ANSI B1.20.1, ensure compatibility and leak resistance during connections. Furthermore, it offers a broad working temperature range of 0℃ to +66°C, making it suitable for both cold and hot water applications. With a working pressure rating of PN16/232PSI, equivalent to 16 bar or 232 PSI, the bibcock proves reliable in managing varying water pressures, making it an ideal choice for diverse plumbing needs in residential and commercial settings.

The South America Bibcock PN16/232PSI stands as a dependable plumbing solution, conforming to ASTM and CSA standards, guaranteeing safety and performance. Its male/male threads and iron handle enable easy installation and operation while connecting it seamlessly to different plumbing systems. Thanks to its nickel-plated body surface treatment, this bibcock ensures long-lasting durability, effectively resisting corrosion.




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