Item Number : VG10.11022

The Ecuador Gate Valve 200WOG is a high-quality valve designed to regulate and control the flow of fluids in various applications.

Size and Shape:

The Ecuador Gate Valve is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 1/2″ to 2″. This size range makes it versatile, capable of accommodating different pipe dimensions and flow requirements. The valve’s design features a traditional gate valve shape.


The valve is designed with female/female threads, making it suitable for easy installation and connection to corresponding male-threaded pipe fittings. These threads follow the NPT (National Pipe Thread) standard according to ANSI B1.20.1.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

Its minimum working temperature is 0℃, while the maximum working temperature is +90°C. The working pressure of the valve is rated at 200WOG, indicating that it can handle a maximum pressure of 200 psi (pounds per square inch) in water, oil, or gas applications.

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The Ecuador Gate Valve 200WOG is a high-performance valve designed to regulate fluid flow according to the BS5154 Standard. Available in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 2″, it features female/female threads following the NPT standard for easy installation. The valve’s sturdy construction includes an iron handle and a brass nature color surface treatment, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. With a working temperature range of 0℃ to +90°C and a maximum working pressure of 200WOG, this valve is versatile enough to handle various applications while maintaining optimal performance and reliability. Its compact shape and traditional gate valve design make it suitable for seamless integration into different pipelines, providing excellent flow control and minimal pressure loss. Whether in residential plumbing systems or industrial setups, the Ecuador Gate Valve 200WOG proves to be a dependable and efficient choice.

The Ecuador Gate Valve 200WOG stands out as a reliable flow control solution adhering to the BS5154 Standard. Its design encompasses female/female threads, conforming to the NPT standard, simplifying installation by ensuring a secure and leak-free connection. The valve’s durability is bolstered by an iron handle and a brass nature color surface treatment on its body. It can operate efficiently within a temperature range of 0℃ to +90°C, accommodating various applications in different environments. With a working pressure rating of 200WOG, equivalent to 200 psi, this valve is suitable for medium-pressure applications and can withstand the demands of both water, oil, and gas systems. Its adaptability, combined with its compact gate valve shape, makes it a preferred choice for engineers and plumbers seeking a versatile, long-lasting, and high-quality flow control solution.


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