Template 2 Backplate Elbows FxM

Item Number : VG15.15222N

The Template with 2 Backplate Elbows FxM Fitting plays a vital role in water distribution systems by allowing the redirection of water flow and changing its direction. It is specifically designed for use in threaded joints, making the installation of piping systems efficient and hassle-free.

Size and Shape:

The Template with 2 Backplate Elbows FxM Fitting is available in various sizes to accommodate different piping system requirements. The specific dimensions of the fitting will depend on the application and the diameter of the pipes it needs to connect.


With its male threads of -G type, the Template with 2 Backplate Elbows FxM Fitting ensures compatibility with corresponding female threads. These threaded connections play a crucial role in securing the fitting in place and preventing leaks.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The Template with 2 Backplate Elbows FxM Fitting, constructed from CW617N material, exhibits excellent resistance to temperature and pressure variations. The specific temperature and pressure range that the fitting can handle will depend on environmental factors and the characteristics of the fluid being transported.

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Within the intricate realm of water distribution systems, the Template 2 Backplate Elbows FxM Fitting stands as a quiet but pivotal architect of fluid dynamics. Born of a necessity to redirect and redefine the course of flowing water, this component assumes a role of paramount importance, transforming the very nature of liquid movement within plumbing networks. Engineered with a laser-like focus on simplicity and efficiency, this fitting becomes the conduit through which the symphony of water traverses. Its design, meticulously crafted for threaded joints, ensures that the integration of piping systems becomes a straightforward endeavor. The Template 2 Backplate Elbows FxM Fitting is the master of fluid redirection, a maestro conducting a seamless dance of currents within the intricate tapestry of plumbing.

At its core, this fitting boasts the resilient DNA of CW617N material. This robust composition stands as a fortress against the encroachments of corrosion, embodying a spirit of durability that remains steadfast even in the face of time’s relentless march. Its very existence becomes a testament to the unyielding pursuit of reliability, ensuring a lifetime of unwavering performance within the dynamic realm of water distribution applications.

Nestled within its form are the threads of connectivity – male threads of the -G type. These threads, like intricate puzzle pieces, find their harmonious counterpart in the female threads that grace the plumbing landscape. This compatibility, born of adherence to industry standards, not only streamlines the installation process but ensures leak-free connections that stand as a testament to the fitting’s commitment to excellence. Size and shape are the hallmarks of versatility for the Template 2 Backplate Elbows FxM Fitting. Its unique design, featuring two backplate elbows, empowers water to meander through multiple pathways, adapting to changes in direction with fluid grace. This inherent flexibility transcends the mundane, offering a canvas upon which intricate plumbing systems are woven, each thread of water weaving a story of its journey.




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