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The Thermostatic Sensor is an essential component used in temperature control systems. It is designed to accurately detect and regulate temperatures.


The Thermostatic Sensor features a hysteresis of 0.8K. Hysteresis refers to the difference in temperature between the point at which the sensor activates and the point at which it deactivates. In this case, the Thermostatic Sensor has a hysteresis of 0.8K.


The Thermostatic Sensor is designed with a thread end connection type. This type of connection allows for easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of temperature control systems. Thread end connections provide a secure and reliable joint, ensuring a leak-free and stable connection between the sensor and the system.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The Thermostatic Sensor has a temperature range of 6℃ to 28℃, allowing it to accurately detect and regulate temperatures within this specified range. In terms of pressure, the Thermostatic Sensor has a maximum working pressure of 10 bar and a maximum differential pressure of 1 bar.

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The Thermostatic Sensor is a critical component used in temperature control systems, playing a crucial role in maintaining desired temperature ranges. With a temperature range of 6℃ to 28℃, this sensor ensures precise and accurate temperature detection and regulation. It is designed to provide optimal comfort and energy efficiency in heating and cooling applications. With a maximum operating temperature of 110℃, the Thermostatic Sensor can effectively handle high-temperature environments, making it versatile and suitable for various temperature control systems. It is built to meet industry standards and complies with EN215, ensuring its quality and compatibility.

Hysteresis is an important feature of the Thermostatic Sensor, and it is set at 0.8K. This means that the sensor will activate when the temperature reaches a specific threshold and deactivate when the temperature falls below that threshold by 0.8K. The hysteresis value of 0.8K ensures precise and stable temperature control, preventing rapid on-off cycles and maintaining a consistent temperature within the desired range. This feature contributes to energy efficiency and system stability, allowing for accurate temperature regulation.

The Thermostatic Sensor features a thread end connection type, making installation quick and convenient. The thread end connection ensures a secure and reliable joint, minimizing the risk of leaks or disconnections. This type of connection is widely used in temperature control systems and provides versatility and compatibility with different installation setups. The Thermostatic Sensor’s thread end connection allows for seamless integration into various systems, ensuring a stable and leak-free connection for accurate temperature sensing and control.




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