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The Thermostatic Sensor is an indispensable component used in temperature control systems to regulate and maintain specific temperature ranges.


The Thermostatic Sensor is engineered with a hysteresis value of 0.8K. Hysteresis refers to the temperature difference between the point at which the sensor activates and the point at which it deactivates. With a hysteresis of 0.8K.


The Thermostatic Sensor features a thread end connection, offering convenience and versatility during installation. This type of connection allows for easy integration into a wide range of temperature control systems.

Temperature and Pressure Ranges:

The Thermostatic Sensor is designed to operate within a temperature range of 6℃ to 28℃, making it suitable for a variety of heating and cooling applications. The sensor is capable of operating at a maximum working pressure of 10 bar and a maximum differential pressure of 1 bar.

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The Thermostatic Sensor is a vital component utilized in temperature control systems to maintain specific temperature ranges with precision. With a temperature range of 6℃ to 28℃, this sensor accurately detects and regulates temperatures, making it well-suited for both heating and cooling applications. Its ability to operate at a maximum temperature of 110℃ allows for reliable performance in environments with elevated temperatures. The Thermostatic Sensor complies with EN215 standards, ensuring its quality and compatibility with various temperature control systems. Featuring a thread end connection, it offers easy installation and a secure joint, minimizing the risk of leaks and providing a stable connection between the sensor and the system.

Hysteresis plays a critical role in the Thermostatic Sensor’s functionality, with a value of 0.8K. This value represents the temperature difference between when the sensor activates and deactivates. The 0.8K hysteresis minimizes abrupt and unnecessary on-off cycles, ensuring stable temperature control within the desired range. By reducing fluctuations, the sensor promotes energy efficiency and system stability, enhancing overall performance. With its precise hysteresis value, the Thermostatic Sensor delivers accurate and reliable temperature regulation, optimizing comfort and energy consumption in temperature control systems.

The thread end connection type of the Thermostatic Sensor simplifies the installation process and enhances compatibility. This type of connection is widely used in temperature control systems and offers versatility in integration with existing plumbing configurations. The thread end connection ensures a reliable and leak-free joint, providing a secure attachment between the sensor and the system. By facilitating a robust connection, the sensor can accurately sense and control temperatures in a wide range of applications. The convenience and reliability of the thread end connection make the Thermostatic Sensor a practical choice for efficient and effective temperature control in various settings.




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