quality month activity


In order to further improve the quality of products, improve the work quality and enthusiasm of employees, and improve the sense of responsibility of department personnel, VALOGIN held the Quality Month activity on April 23, 2022. Under the leadership of the company, all departments attach great importance to it and actively participate in it.

How to launch the quality month activity?

In order to better launch the quality month activity, the company held a meeting of all staff to mobilize the activity, and simply described the purpose and requirements of holding this activity.

Test skills competition:

The company also organized a test skills competition, in which excellent representative employees from various departments participated.  The competition is to better exercise themselves, to work and study to develop the direction, to test the results of work, but also to prove their own way, the leader said that he hoped in future work, we should learn from these excellent players. In the next step, the company will carry out such different forms of activities to lay a solid foundation for product quality.

Every month is a quality month activity, focusing on quality every day:

In this Quality Month activity, employees set off a climax of learning, inspection skills competition and quality inspection in daily production also make employees establish a quality concept, and improve quality awareness of employees. Although this activity has come to an end, VALOGIN will continue to have strict requirements on quality, and strive to achieve “every month is a quality month, focusing on quality every day”.

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