Selection of valve and the relative installation Position

The valve used in the water supply pipeline shall generally be selected according to the following principles:

  1. When the pipe diameter is no more than 50mm, the globe valve should be adopted; when the pipe diameter is more than 50mm, the gate valve and butterfly valve should be adopted

2, If need to adjust the flow and water pressure, should adopt regulating valve and stop valve

3, If require small water resistance (such as a water pump suction pipe), should use a gate valve

  1. The gate valve and butterfly valve shall be used on the pipe section where water flow is bidirectional, and the globe valve shall not be used
  2. Butterfly valve and ball valve should be used in places with small installation space
  3. 6.In the pipe section where open and close frequently, it is appropriate to use the globe valve
  4. Larger diameter water pump outlet pipe should use the multifunctional valve


Valves shall be installed in the following Position of the water supply pipeline:

  1. The water supply pipeline in the residential areawhichis from the introduction section of the municipal water supply pipeline
  2. The joints of the outdoor ring pipe network in the residential area shall be set according to the separation requirements. When the annular section is too long, it is advisable to set a segmented valve
  3. The branch pipe or the household pipewhichconnected from the main water supply pipe in the residential area
  4. Household pipes, water meters, and branch risers (bottom of risers, upper and lower ends of vertical ring pipe network risers)
  5. 5. The ring pipe network of the main pipe, throughout the branch pipe network of the connection pipe
  6. 6. Indoor water supply pipeline to the household, public toilet, and other connected out of the water distribution pipe, water distribution points on the water distribution branch pipe in 3 or more devices
  7. The water outlet pipe of the pump, the suction pump of the self-filling water pump
  8. Inlet and outlet pipes and drain pipes of the water tank
  9. 9. Equipment (such as a heater, cooling tower, etc.) inlet water refill pipe
  10. 10. Sanitary appliances (such as urinal, washbasin, shower, etc.) with pipes
  11. Some accessories, such as automatic exhaust valve, pressure relief valve, water hammer eliminator, pressure gauge, sprinkler, etc., front and back of pressure reducing valves and back-flow preventer
  12. Drain valve should be installed at the lowest point of the water supply network


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