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Currently we are looking for agents in Brazil, Russia and Southeast Asia

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Every year , Valogin invest at least 10% of its margin into R&D activities .

Valve Expert , since 1985

35 years in the market

we have sold products to over 100 countries .

Serve many large enterprises and supermarkets

120 million in turnover

Above 200 design & technicalpatents

7 buildings covering 64,000 sqm

30,000 tons of brass are produced every day.

Valogin has 1,000 employees

Sustainable development


V&G Brand
Russian market
Russian market
American market
European market
V&G Brand
British Market

Our Advantage

Valogin is committed to product development and innovation , introducing the latest technology , accumulating multinational high-techtalents ,and creating customized professional teams from different countries

PLM Integration

Valogin is the first enterprise in the industry using PLM information integration system to standardize project management and efficient development. The system is stable and easy to operate.

Standardized Platform

Product technology platform and universal spare parts.

3D Database

Unified use of genuine SOLIDWORKS for 3D design and network server for data sharing.

3D Additive Manufacturing

First factory to introduce 3D additive manufacturing SLA printing technology to achieve rapid first molding, effectively reduce mold opening costs, and improve development efficiency.

We now have 7 professional team which is British market team , North American market team , South American market team , European market team , Russian market team and marketing team.

Meet Our Team

Different teams have the rich and professional experience in cooperating with the customers from the related markets.

You can find which team you belong to and contact the correct team directly. It will help us be more professional and concentrated for each customer. So contact us and let us know where you come from.

Our professional teams are waiting here and looking forward to communicate with you.

Valogin insist on the continuous invest of the Product Liability Insurance each year. This insurance takes the product liability and also the responsibility for both of our customers and us to trace and identify the product risks. It is another method to make the potential support for our customers and also their business.

of 2,000,000 $

International insurance policy for all products of V&G VALOGIN Guarantee from the manufacturer

36 Months

* It works in all countries, including U.S. and Canada

Dear Friends ,

In the name of marketing department of Valogin , I cordially welcome you to our web site,Where we hope you can know more about our company.

We appreciate your assistance very much in continuing to move forward, so I would like to invite you to explore our web site in order to know us and what we do better, and to share our experience for customizing products and marketing strategies , which is unique for you and your market to develop together .

Philip Chen ( General Manager of Valogin marketing Dept )

Joining Support

What do we at the valogin expect from our suppliers? You must fulfill the following criteria:

We place great importance on a long-term partnership and continuous cooperation.

We place great importance on a long-term partnership and continuous cooperation.

You must comply with the " on Health and Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety, Quality Assurance, and Corporate Responsibility."

We expect a reliable delivery service that realizes our customers’ wishes quickly and flexibly.

The quality of your products must be consistently high and satisfy us and our customers in the long term.

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