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Valogin’s Springtime Team Building: Trust through Fun-filled Activities

Team activities are a way to improve team cohesion and cooperation. May is a good season to go out, and we can also enjoy the beauty of spring and summer when we organize team activities during this season. Recently, our team organized a team activity, let’s share this experience.

In the morning, we met on the big grass in the park and played some group cooperation games, some of which tested our wisdom and teamwork skills, such as “Touching the Stone to Cross the River”, which required a team of 8 people to reach the end with 6 bricks, a game that brought out our team spirit and teamwork.

At first, we did not know how to stand 8 people on 6 bricks, after we kept trying various methods, we finally succeeded in standing up, but the problem came again, how to make the team successfully walk to the end? In the end, under the mutual support and encouragement of each of us, we successfully walked to the finish line, and at that moment, each of us let out a cheer, and the onlookers also gave us celebratory applause.

Valogin Team Activities

These games are a vehicle for us to have fun and recognize ourselves and see our team clearly, not only testing our teamwork skills but also enhancing our trust and communication skills. We overcame the problems together and completed the tasks, which made us understand and trust each other more.

At noon, we went to the campground deep in the park and had a camping barbecue. The campground prepared all kinds of food for us, such as ice cream, coffee, roasted chicken, barbecue ingredients, etc. There were free-range deer and lambs near the campground, and some colleagues brought their children, we were preparing the ingredients and baking the food, and the children played with and fed the animals. Because of free-range, these animals are very bold and will actively come to you for food. The children interacted with them with carrots and corn, all of which made us get closer to nature and feel the beauty of life.

Valogin Team

The whole team activity was full of laughter and made us understand and trust each other more. This activity is not only a simple tour but also an unforgettable team-building journey. We believe that in the future, we will be able to work more as a team and create a better future together.

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