V&G took part in the mayor's meeting with Entrepreneurs

V&G took part in the mayor’s meeting with Entrepreneurs

The city’s key foreign trade enterprises attended the forum on the afternoon of March 27th, to analyze the economic situation, listen to the voices of enterprises, and discuss development measures. Du Nian Sheng, deputy secretary of the Yuhuan Municipal Committee and mayor, stressed that entrepreneurs are Yuhuan’s greatest resource. We must strengthen our confidence, maintain our strength, seize opportunities, boldly innovate, work hard, stabilize production and expand the market, and accumulate potential energy for high-quality economic development.

Seizing Opportunities in Foreign Trade

In the first quarter of this year, many foreign trade enterprises in Yuhuan seized the opportunity and made an all-round attack and went to internationally renowned exhibitions such as the United States, Russia and Germany to get orders and expand the market. During the discussion, entrepreneurs talked about their experience in participating in the exhibition, market situation, difficult problems and development ideas, and put forward many opinions and suggestions on expanding sales channels, product research and development innovation, and independent brand building.

Discussion of Development Ideas

Du Nian Sheng (Mayor)

Du Nian Sheng said, “The more severe the situation, the more we determined we must be”.
We should not only see that the foreign trade situation is improving, but also see the strong economic resilience of Yuhuan and the determination of the government to help workers and enterprises, seize the opportunity, take the initiative, and move forward courageously toward the established strategic goals.

“The more severe the situation, the more we need to open the market”

Call for Bold Innovation and Market Expansion

“The more severe the situation, the more we should focus on our main business”
The more important the situation, the more we should concentrate on it. It is essential to continue winning through innovation, invest more in product research and development, improve product design skills, hasten the digital and intelligent workshop transformation, improve one’s own advantages, lengthen one’s weaknesses, and effectively boost one’s core competitiveness.

We must warm up more when the situation becomes more dire. Giving industry associations their due as service platforms and bridge links is essential in order to plan the future of the sector, address shared issues, stop ruthless market competition, enhance government-enterprise communication, improve the docking mechanism, and support the high-quality growth of the private economy.

Importance of Improving Service for Enterprises

“The more responsibility you must assume, the more serious the situation” Functional departments should work to further improve the service guarantee, accurately fulfil enterprise needs, address issues that arise during the early stages of an enterprise’s development, actively support enterprises’ participation in trade shows to obtain orders, run the Yuhuan Industrial Exhibition, keep enhancing the show’s effectiveness, and make every effort to foster the best possible business environment for enterprises.

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