Item Number : ART.VG

Connecting Sleeve: The connecting sleeve for this device has a specification of M30 x 1.5mm, indicating the size and thread type required for proper installation.

Power Wiring: The power wiring provided is 1.00m in length and consists of two core wires, which are essential for supplying electricity to the device.

Color and Valve Position: The device’s color is described as “Wei,” similar to the RAL9016 color shade. Additionally, the valve position, known as “nsanyeige,” opens in a red direction.

Protection Class: The device is classified as IP54, indicating a high level of protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for various environments.

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The heating system Actuator is a crucial component that enables precise temperature control and regulation in heating systems.

Close Kraft and Total Stroke: The device requires a close kraft force of 90N to operate optimally, and it has a total stroke length of 4.0mm, representing the distance it can move or operate within its designated range.

Voltage and Performance: The device operates with a voltage of 230V at a frequency of 50Hz. Its performance is specified as Ø2.5W, indicating the power it consumes during operation.

Power On Maximum and Net Weight: The device’s maximum power consumption during operation is stated as ≤250mA. However, information regarding its net weight is not provided.

Protection Level and Working Environment Temperature: The Actuator is categorized as protection level Ⅱ, which denotes a certain level of electrical insulation and safety. It is designed to operate within a working environment temperature range of -10 to 60℃.

Threads Type: Unfortunately, specific information regarding the threads type is not provided in the given context.




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