Item Number : ART.VG13.203013

Introducing the Brass Bibcock T Handle, a versatile valve designed to meet the needs of drinkable water systems, piping water systems, and garden houses.

Size and Shape:

The Brass Bibcock is available in two sizes, 1/2″ and 3/4″, providing options to suit different plumbing requirements. Its compact design makes it suitable for easy installation in various spaces.


The Brass Bibcock features threads that conform to the ISO 228 standard, which is equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228. These standardized threads ensure a secure and leak-free connection, making installation quick and hassle-free.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The Brass Bibcock is designed to withstand working temperatures ranging from 0°C to 80°C, making it suitable for both cold and moderate temperature water systems. With a working pressure of PN16

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Introducing the Brass Bibcock T Handle, a reliable and versatile valve suitable for drinkable water systems, piping water systems, and garden houses. This bibcock is designed to meet your plumbing needs with its high-quality construction. The body of the bibcock is made from chrome-plated brass, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The chrome plating not only enhances its visual appeal but also adds an extra layer of protection against the harsh elements. The T handle, crafted from brass, provides a sturdy grip for easy operation and precise water flow control.

Presenting the Brass Bibcock T Handle, available in not one, but two convenient sizes – 1/2″ and 3/4″. This versatile availability speaks volumes of its adaptability, effortlessly catering to an expansive spectrum of plumbing exigencies. Its ingeniously compact design harmoniously interplays with its practicality, making it an impeccable contender for installation within space-challenged environments. It emerges as the quintessential solution for environments like garden houses or compact piping systems, seamlessly marrying utility with efficiency.

Remarkably, the Brass Bibcock’s meticulous engineering extends to its standardized threads, a testament to precision, and adherence. These threads are meticulously in accord with the venerable ISO 228 standard, echoing the esteemed harmonization of the DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228 benchmarks. In this unfailing adherence lies the guarantee of an impeccably secure and unwaveringly impervious connection. This bond is more than a mere union; it is an assurance of a seamless and virtually impenetrable joining, impeding leaks and minimizing concerns.




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