Item Number : ART. VG-K30102

Steam Angle Radiator Valves are a crucial component for steam and heating systems, designed to meet North American regulations, ensuring their safety and suitability for such applications.

Size and Shape:

Steam Angle Radiator Valves are available in a versatile size range, offering options from 1/2″ to 2″. This broad selection caters to various piping requirements and allows for seamless integration into different steam and heating systems.


The Steam Angle Radiator Valves feature standard threads, facilitating a secure and leak-free connection between the valve and the related piping system. These standardized threads ensure compatibility with other plumbing components, providing hassle-free installation and replacement processes.

Temperature and Pressure Steam:

Angle Radiator Valves are designed to withstand working pressures of up to 15WSP (Water Steam Pressure). This robust construction ensures the valves’ ability to handle the pressures commonly encountered in steam and heating systems, promoting safe and efficient operation.

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Steam Angle Radiator Valves are essential components that comply with North American regulations, making them a reliable and safe choice for steam and heating systems. Their in-line functionality allows efficient control over the opening and closing of related systems, ensuring optimal temperature management. With a size range spanning from 1/2″ to 2″, these valves offer versatility to suit various piping requirements in residential and commercial applications. The compact design further enhances their usability, making installation hassle-free and effective in maintaining system functionality.

The Steam Angle Radiator Valves are equipped with standard threads, providing a secure and leak-free connection with other plumbing components. This standardized threading system simplifies the installation and replacement process, giving users greater control over steam or heating flow adjustments. Their sturdy construction allows these valves to handle working pressures of up to 15WSP, making them reliable in managing the pressures encountered in steam and heating systems. Moreover, the valves are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring their longevity and consistent performance in demanding heating applications. These features combine to create durable and efficient valves that play a vital role in maintaining the smooth operation of steam and heating systems.




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