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How to Rebuild a Gate Valve

Gate valves are simple valve that, unlike many other types of valves, does not depend on rubber gaskets to form a seal. Instead, they use guides and a “gate” made of metal to stop and start the flow. Operation is simple and hassle-free thanks to the multi-turn handle. However, knowing how to recreate a slider […]

Selection of valve and the relative installation Position

The valve used in the water supply pipeline shall generally be selected according to the following principles: When the pipe diameter is no more than 50mm, the globe valve should be adopted; when the pipe diameter is more than 50mm, the gate valve and butterfly valve should be adopted 2, If need to adjust the […]

Material selection of non-metal sealing gasket materials

Gasket Materials: A mechanical device known as a gasket in sealing connects flanges and stops leaks. Boilers, tanks, and piping are just a few examples of the devices and applications it is used in across many different industries. There is no question that these industrial gaskets must endure extreme pressure and are exposed to fuels, […]

What is Forging Process or Technology?

It is a machining method of forging process in order to obtain certain mechanical properties, shapes,s, and sizes by applying pressure to a metal blank by a forging machine. Forging can eliminate the loose casting state of metal and weld holes. The mechanical properties of forging are generally better than those of the same material. […]

What is Casting process Technology

The process of melting the metal into a liquid that meets certain requirements and pouring it into the casting mold. After cooling and solidifying and cleaning, a casting (part or blank) with a predetermined shape, size and performance can be obtained. That is the casting process. Casting production of the blank cost is low, as […]

Advantage and Disadvantage of Globe Valve

Globe valve: a valve in which the closure (disc) moves along the center line of the seat. According to this type of disc movement, the change of seat opening is directly proportional to disc travel. Because of this type of valve stem opening or closing stroke is relatively short, and has a very reliable cut-off […]

Advantage and Disadvantage of Gate Valve

Gate valve: refers to the valve that the closing part (gate) moves along the vertical direction of the channel axis. It is mainly used for cutting medium on the pipeline. That is, fully open or fully closed. In general, gate valves cannot be used for regulating the flow rate. It can be used for low-temperature […]

Valve Body Form of Globe Valve

Globe valve is frequently employed in plant plumbing and get their name from the shape of their exterior. Both manual and automatic operations are suitable for them. Globe valves, in contrast to gate valves, can be used to control flow or pressures as well as completely stop the flow. The basic forms of a globe […]

The Steps and Basis of Valve Selection(II)

While understanding and mastering the steps of valve selection, we should also further understand the basis of valve selection.   The purpose, working conditions, and operation control mode of the selected valve. The nature of the working medium: working pressure, working temperature, corrosion performance, whether it contains solid particles, whether the medium is toxic, whether […]

The Steps and Basis of Valve Selection(I)

Valves can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media, and other types of fluids. The pipeline system needs the most suitable Valve Selection, so it is very important to understand the characteristics of the valve and the steps and basis for selecting […]

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