Brass Angle Valve

Item Number : ART.VG14.12051

This product is designed for use in piping water systems and sanitary systems. It has a handle made of chrome-plated ABS and a body made of chrome-plated brass.

Size and Shape:

The size of this product is 1/2″x3/4″, which makes it suitable for a variety of piping applications. The handle is made of ABS, which is a strong and durable plastic material that is resistant to impact and high temperatures. The body is made of brass, which is a metal alloy that is known for its high resistance to corrosion and rust.


This product features threads that conform to the ISO 228 standard, which is equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The product has a working temperature range of 0°C to 80°C, which makes it suitable for use in a variety of environments. It also has a working pressure of PN10.

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The Brass Angle Valve stands as a true testament to the fusion of form and function, where every facet is orchestrated to harmonize durability with aesthetic elegance. The chrome-plated brass body is more than just a robust shell; it’s a canvas that adds a touch of sophistication to any plumbing system it graces. Beyond its functional role, it emerges as an elegant embellishment, an element of visual appeal that seamlessly integrates into the surroundings. In a world where both durability and aesthetics matter, the Brass Angle Valve takes center stage as a prime example of how engineering excellence can coalesce with design finesse.

However, the Brass Angle Valve doesn’t merely rest on its laurels of visual charm; it marches forward with a stainless steel rosette, an unobtrusive yet essential detail that stands sentinel against the relentless march of wear and tear. This rosette isn’t just an accessory; it’s a guardian, shielding the valve from the rigors of time and use. It encapsulates the commitment to long-lasting performance, ensuring that the valve retains its integrity, appearance, and functionality, standing unwavering against the tests of daily life.

As the curtains draw close on this valve’s features, the overarching narrative reveals an embodiment of reliability, durability, and efficiency. The Brass Angle Valve isn’t just a component; it’s a cohesive solution that rises to the challenges posed by piping water systems and sanitary systems. Its chrome-plated ABS handle and brass body form a harmonious symphony of strength, poised to withstand the gamut of temperatures and pressures that might come its way. This isn’t a valve limited by its environment; it’s a valve that thrives within it.

The ISO 228 threads not only symbolize compatibility; they stand as a bridge between the valve and the world of standard plumbing fittings, ensuring that integration is not only seamless but also intuitive. This is a valve that speaks the language of practicality, a valve that finds its place within a broader plumbing ecosystem with ease and precision.




MaterialLead,BrassValve TypeBall Valve
BrandMidline ValveWorking mediumWater
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.5 x 0.75 x 0.75 inchesNominal pressure:MOP5
Exterior FinishBrassWorking Temperature:-20 c
Inlet Connection TypeFull portMaterial:Brass
Specification MetCSAThread:Female Thread,apply to GB/T12230 standard




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