Lever Bibcock Nickel-Plated color

Item Number : VG13.99011

The Lever Bib Cock V&G Optima is a high-quality valve manufactured by V&G, suitable for use in piping water systems. It features a nickel-plated color body and a lever handle, ensuring smooth and easy operation.

Size and Shape:

The Lever Bib Cock V&G Optima is available in three different sizes: 1/2″*3/4″, 3/4″*1″, and 1″*1-1/4″. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it easy to install in tight spaces.


This valve features ISO 228 threads, which are equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228. These threads provide a secure and leak-proof connection to pipes and fittings.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The Lever Bib Cock V&G Optima has a wide operating temperature range, from -20°C to 90°C, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications. The valve has a working pressure of PN16, allowing it to handle high-pressure water systems with ease.

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With a working temperature range of -20°C to 90°C, the Lever Bibcock Nickel-Plated color can be used in a wide range of environments. Whether you’re dealing with extremely cold or hot conditions. This valve can handle it all. Additionally, it has been 100% leak tested, so you can be confident that it will perform as expected.

The Lever Bibcock Nickel-Plated color is available in sizes 1/2″*3/4″&3/4″*1″&1″*1-1/4″. Giving you the flexibility to choose the right size for your needs. Its threads are designed according to ISO 228 standards, making it compatible with DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable, versatile. It is a long-lasting brass bibcock valve for your piping water system. The Bibrock Valve is an excellent choice. With its nickel-plated color, lever handle, and compatibility with ISO 228 threads, it’s the perfect addition to any plumbing system.





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