Magnetic ball valve with Y strainer

Item Number : ART.277

This valve features a magnetic lock and key for added security and is designed to operate at a maximum pressure of PN25.

Size and Shape:

The Magnetic Ball Valve with Y Strainer has a compact and sleek design, with a size of 1/2″. The body of the valve is made of sandblasted natural-colored material, providing durability and corrosion resistance.


This ball valve features female threads that conform to the ISO7-1 standard. These threads provide a secure and leak-proof connection to the piping system, ensuring reliable operation.

Temperature and Pressure Range:

The Magnetic Ball Valve with Y Strainer is designed to operate at a maximum pressure of PN25.

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Our Magnetic valve Y strainer comes in a convenient size of 1/2″. It features a sandblasted natural color body that not only looks great but is also highly durable. The valve is designed with ISO7-1 threads, making it easy to install and compatible with a wide range of piping systems.

Invest in our Magnetic valve Y strainer today and enjoy reliable, efficient water flow in your piping system. With its durable construction, added security features, and versatile design. Our valve is the perfect choice for your water piping needs. Choose the best and invest in our Magnetic Ball Valve for optimal performance and peace of mind.




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