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2023 Executive Meeting Maps Path to 2024 Success

To propel the company towards achieving its annual strategic objectives, rally all executives and employees, gain a clear understanding of the current landscape, and set forth a clear new direction for the year 2024, the company convened the 2023 Fourth Quarter Executive Meeting on November 3rd. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Fu Zhongyou, Vice President of the Business Management Center, and was attended by executive-level and higher company personnel from marketing, research and development, quality control, and information departments.

The meeting commenced with a presentation by Mr. Jia Zhengye, the company’s General Manager, on “Analysis of the 2023 Situation and Determination of the 2024 Work Direction.” He comprehensively reviewed the progress of work in the previous three quarters and laid out the focal points for the next phase.

Executive Meeting Maps Path to 2024 Success Mr jia having meeting

Mr. Jia emphasized that the entire year of 2023 has reached the final sprint stage, and he urged all departments to accelerate their work pace, with customer needs at the forefront. He stressed the importance of strategy, teamwork, and innovation, placing people management at the forefront. Goal-oriented and results-based, this approach ensures a successful conclusion to the year’s work.

Through Mr. Jia’s address, we gained a profound understanding of the complexity of the external environment and the significance of internal challenges. The future of the company necessitates the collective effort and cooperation of all executives and employees. Various departments and centers must leverage digitization and intelligent solutions to enhance our competitiveness. By staying laser-focused on our established objectives, aiming for depth and expertise, and maintaining team cohesion, we can contribute to the company’s growth.

In the upcoming phase, the company will actively attract talent and harness the power of branding, digitalization, and intelligence to bolster our competitiveness. Continual enhancement of cost-effectiveness, product quality, supply chain strength, innovation.

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