One of the most widely utilised valve types in both the residential and commercial sectors is the Angle Valve. There are many various types of valves available on the market, and each has a distinct function. Some of the varieties are used to totally stop the flow of water, while others are used to regulate it.

The difference in purpose is based on their size and configuration. However, all serve for one main way, i.e., to ensure seamless operation of systems. The angle valves are popularly used in various industrial applications such as in plumbing systems.

Here in this blog, we will guide you on what are angle valves, their functionality, and their features. So, let’s get started.

What is an Angle Valve?

This is a type of plumbing valves that are used to control the water flow from pipes or lines. The valves can be installed on the wall, floor, or in the cabinet. Angle valve falls into the category of manual valves. The outflow and intake ports of essential equipment are parallel to each other. The valve is commonly used in domestic and business plumbing tools to curb water flow.


Features of Angle Valves:

The Angle valves are known by different names because of their various features. The valves can be adjusted at a 90-degree angle to control water flow. Therefore, the valves are known as 90-degree valves. The 90-degree valves are also used for emergency water shut-off. Therefore, in case of need the entire water supply can be shut down easily. Likewise, the angle valves are also called stop valves for their function of regulating water flow. The good quality angle valves are usually made of brass and stainless steel which ensures durability for a long time.

Functions of Angle Valve:

Here are a few of the functions of a stop valve. Let’s have a look!

    • Curb water flow:
      Angle valves are effective tools to control the water flow by convenient on and off features. You can control the flow to specific features including toilets, sinks, or washing machines. All you need to do is open or turn off the flow to restrict the water supply.
    • Isolating Fixture:
      One of the unique features of a 90-degree stop valve is that you can control the water flow of individual fixtures, for instance, the valve allows water flow, close or stops it in washing machines, sinks, or toilets exclusively.
    • Convenient Emergency control:
      Plumbing emergencies are not a new thing in the plumbing world. The stop valve offers convenient emergency shut-off in case of water emergencies including burst pipe or leakage. By emergency shut-off convenience, the damage can be minimized and fixed on time.
    • Ease of maintenance:
      These are isolated equipment used to control water flow. The feature makes them user-friendly valves in case of repair and maintenance. Now you do not need to stop the water flow in the entire building, home, or office to fix a faucet in the kitchen.



Angle valves are famous plumbing equipment for their unique and exclusive features. For instance, compact L shape design, durable material, ease of control over water flow during emergencies, and isolated installation to make repair and maintenance easy.

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