How to Rebuild a Gate Valve

Gate valves are simple valve that, unlike many other types of valves, does not depend on rubber gaskets to form a seal. Instead, they use guides and a “gate” made of metal to stop and start the flow. Operation is simple and hassle-free thanks to the multi-turn handle. However, knowing how to recreate a slider can be helpful at times.

Slider problems are not common but often occur when something gets caught in the guides on the sides or bottom of the valve+ body. This can happen if the slider is left open for a long time. Blocked passageways can cause the valve to not close completely.

But don’t worry, a small blockage doesn’t mean the valve is broken. Shutoff valves can be easily disassembled and cleaned if their path is clogged. Recreating the slider is also easy. After we cover cleaning and disassembly first, we’ll explain how to rebuild the slider.

How to Disassemble

Gate valves are usually screwed into a wall or between two pieces of pipe. Before disassembly, you can try to open the valve using only water in the system. Open the water supply as high as possible, then open and close the valve as slowly as it will allow. This can loosen some debris and allow you to close the slider completely.

If this does not work, you should turn off the water supply and remove the valve from the pipe. This is usually done by removing the ends. After disconnecting the valve, release the slide cover using pliers as shown in the picture. Do not loosen the gland nut as it is the nut that holds the components together and prevents fluid from escaping upwards from the spindle.

Once the cover is removed, you will be able to remove the top of the slider along with the handle and seat from the body. This will allow you to clean the valve from above with a toothbrush or other cleaning tool.

How to Rebuild

Congratulations! Your slider is neat and clean! Now all that remains is to put it together. If you just took the hood off, it’s a simple process. Slide the spool back into the proper position in the valve body, then screw the spool head in until it is secure. Test the valve by turning the handle. Make sure the door is fully open and closed. After you’re sure it’s working properly, put it back into the pipe using new pipe sealant or caulking tape.

Fixing a gate valve is not difficult, but preventing it is even easier. These problems are usually caused by mineral build-up, so you should fully close and open the sliders every few months to eliminate potential problems. If your spool valve has severe pitting or corrosion, you will need to replace it. Fortunately, we supply sliders at the best prices anywhere.


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